• Promote, support, and oversee in Yorubaland, the operations of the Africa Agency – Nigeria and the Africa-Israel Chamber of Commerce.
  • Convene the biennial outreach Assembly in Ile-Ife; as well as vigorously promote and support the biennial summit at Jerusalem.
  • Periodically convene consultative meetings to evaluate and discuss social-political trends within and beyond Yorubaland that could impact the mission of the CLAY.
  • Periodically organise Workshops, leadership training sessions to address critical issues thus sensitizing/educating specific sectors of Yoruba society as may be required to accomplish the mission of the Assembly.
  • Periodically issue Press Statements, as necessary, to get our voice and opinion registered in Society.
  • As may be necessary, carry out advocacy, lobbying, and litigation activities to promote the mission of the Assembly.
  • Continuous interactions of members on an appropriate social media platform.